About Us

About Us

CAREGIVERS FOR COMPROMISE is a coalition of leadership from across the United States who are working toward alternative solutions to the isolation of residents in long term care facilities as a response to COVID-19. This isolation has resulted in hopelessness, loss of appetite, cognitive decline, inactivity, despondency and death since March of 2020. Our goal is not to “throw open the doors,” but to achieve a reasonable living condition for long term care residents in a COVID-19 world and prevent as many deaths from COVID-19 protocols as from the disease itself. Countless have already spent the final weeks and months of their lives separated from life-long spouses, parents, children, and siblings only to die utterly alone.

WE SEEK TO ACCOMPLISH the restoration of rights “waived” by public policy as a temporary solution to unprecedented circumstances but which has evolved into a complacent, ongoing disregard for those rights with no foreseeable end. We are asking to achieve restoration of those rights in as safe and reasonable a way as is plausible in a COVID-19 world by doing the following:

1. Essential Caregiver Designation allowing residents one screened and tested family member who, prior to visitor restrictions, was regularly engaged with at least weekly visits with the resident.

2. RapidCOVID-19 Testing in longterm care facilities for staff members and visitors, including essential caregivers.

While some limited forms of visitation are now allowed in a majority of states, these forms of visitation often exclude that segment of the population who are bedbound, have traumatic brain injuries, have mobility issues, are blind or deaf, are severely autistic or suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

WE NEED HELP from from other Americans who want the isolation of Americans in long term care facilities to stop and believe each person is entitled to at least one essential caregiver even in a COVID-19 world.

PLEASE CONTACT US and let us share the stories of the real humans behind the cases and statistics.